Sierra Sunrise

This morning is different.....supposed to rain.

X-T10; 16-50 II; SS1/17; f5.6; ISO3200; Velvia SOOC

X-T10; 16-50 II; SS1/13; f5.6; ISO3200; Velvia SOOC

and then........this!

X-T10; 16-50 II; SS1/2400; f5.6; ISO400; Velvia SOOC
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Looking at your pictures Andy Im not sure why you want to upgrade. They look very nice to me.
Big THANX! I'm like a kid in a candy shop......want to try everything!
Considering a RF body like the X-E3, but will probably wait to see if 2018 brings anything different. I'll probably keep the X-T10 as it does work very well.

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Great timing. That Fuji learning is coming along very quickly.

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