Fuji (Sigh) Another lens purchase on the horizon


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I made the mistake of wandering into the electrical store in Heathrow last week, assuming that they wouldn't have anything interesting.

Unfortunately, they had a 100-400...


It was big and heavy but not as much as I thought it would be. The OIS works really well and I want to start getting into wildlife photography, so I reckon I will pick one up in a few weeks (before the UK cashback expires).


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So, 100-400 and TC1.4 are now here. I went out with it yesterday and our local buzzard put on a display for me.

This is at 400mm (I am not ready to try the TC yet) and is uncropped.
DSCF4954 1.jpg

This is a 100% crop...

I was shooting bursts using CH at 8.0fps but my keeper rate was at 0% - literally nothing sharp of this buzzard, the example here was the best I got.

I was at 1/1000s with OIS on. I had single point AF (largest point size selected) and was using AF-C and Custom set 2 (tracking sensitivity 3, speed 0, zone center). I am set to 'Focus' and not 'Release'. I was on firmware 1.2 (I am now on 3.0, so this may have been a factor).

I am assuming that I missed focus and that using a smaller focus point would have been better. However I am also wondering if this could just be poor handholding technique so practise would be the solution.

Are there any BIF experts here who could help me pinpoint what I need to do to improve?


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It could be that the OIS is over compensating. I have this issue from time to time on the 55-200 with high shutter speed and OIS on. Definitely worth checking that possibility out.
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I had a response typed and was hunting for a photo, gryphon beat me to it.

I tend to run my lens OIS and IBIS using the guidelines I used with Nikon, and it seems to get decent results. But I haven't shot much BIF or aircraft yet, mostly static subjects.

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