Fuji Showcase Sigma 150mm 1:2,8 APO MACRO DG HSM D adapted to Fuji Finepix X-E1


Feb 11, 2013
Hi again,

today, i want to show you samples, i took with my Sigma 150mm 1:2,8 APO MACRO DG HSM D

I adapted the lens via a Nikon G to FujiX adapter by Quenox to a Fuji Finepix X-E1. Really big lens, good to have a tripod mount delivered with the lens to protect the cameras bayonet from too much load :thumbsup:.

First of all, I must say, that using a G-type lens at the X-E1 is possible, but a little bit tricky. That Quenox adapter, i used, was fitting well to lens and camera, but there were two problems:
First, the attached lens was positioned in a - let me say - '3 minutes past full hour' position on the camera, when looking from a models point of view. Thats no big problem - just not good looking:sad010:.
The second problem was much more important: the aperture ring by which you could open and close the diaphragm, was were loose. So, it was quite difficult to find the right position to close down the aperture for 1,2,3,... stops. It was possible, using the A-mode of the camera, watching the shutter time. For example, full open f2,8 at a 1/60 sec would be closed down to f5,6, means 2 stops, become 1/15 sec. Then you have to turn the aperture ring of the adapter until you see 1/15 sec in the viewfinder / on the screen.

But now, my pictures of supermodel 'Pink Heather', performing in the big clay flower pot down on the place in front of our house:

Full open at f2,8
View attachment 1030

At f5,6
View attachment 1031

At f9,0
View attachment 1032

Full closed, at f22
View attachment 1033

All sooc jpeg, standard provia film simulation, ISO800, auto DR, use of a tripod.

Since I am not Ken the Rock, and well :hail:, let me say, my family is not steadily growing:cool:, i appreciate your comments and hope that you liked the post :clap2:.

:th_salute: Fujidanny

p.s.: Meanwhile, I have sent the Quenox adapter back. Don't know, what to do next... Must by another one... I'm open to suggestions.




I like your post! Also good to see you were able to make it work.

Since you asked for comments: perhaps you can try to isolate the main subject that has to be sharp. Usually it is the part that is closest to you. exception: when you shoot an open flower, focus on the top of the stamp. Even better: experiment and choose what you like. Play with background and DoF. E.g. can you isolate by positioning yourself lower ? Btw: Diffraction can become an issue as you increase the aperture value (not sure how this works for fuji w/ the anti-aliasing filter).

As I only have nikon macro shots, I can't share examples. But shooting macro is really fun and a great way to capture the beauty of planet earth.

As a source of inspiration: Mark Hilliard has shot some fantastic macro shots with the xpro1:

True Macro With The X Pro 1 | Mark Hilliard Atelier's Blog


Feb 11, 2013
More Pictures with Sigma f2,8 / 150mm

Hi pniev and all the others... :tiphat:

I know, what you want to say me, thank you :thumbsup:.

I thought much more of comments concerning the post at itself, the text as a kind of review :confused_new:.
The way, i tried to show the possibilities in macro work with that lens.

The sharpness of this lens: Watching with your input, i think, wide open it is a little bit soft, best at f9,
f22 seems soft / unsharp again - perhaps is this the result of diffraction?

Today, i want to post the remaining photos - as you know, i sent the adapter back.

Winter Roses:

Some architecture:

For me, those architectural views seem very sharp and 3D-like.
C&C welcome :Dexter:

:th_salute: Fujidanny




Thanks! Especially the first architecture photo separates foreground and background well. Nice!

Out of curiosity: since you are not happy with the adapter ring: did you consider buying the 60mm macro? That seems to be an amazingly sharp lens.


Yes, i considered that. But at the moment it is a question of money ...
That's always a good reason! Fortunately I was able to sell my nikon 105mm 2.8 VR for a good price, so I do have some money when I buy the x-pro2 (still hopeful that this will happen this year).

Good luck with finding a new adapter!


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