Fuji Showcase Sigma 60mm f2.8 DN lens


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My observation on 3rd party lenses for Fuji is that Fuji sorta made it difficult to try and compete on high quality AF lenses. They make so many, and the lenses are so sharp that there's really not much room left for anyone else up there. The only room left for others is the "manual focus, low cost, oddball focal length" market that Rokinon does so well. Zeiss tried the upper end.


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Zeiss did a pretty good job, the 32 held up well, and the 12 and 50 both competed solidly on their merits. I just wish they stayed the course but they saw a bigger market in Sony E and sticking with the CanoNikons.

Then you have the newcomers like 7Artisans making interesting stuff at pretty low prices 25/1.8 for 70 USD.

But Third-Party AF is indeed bereft for this mount. I just wish they made more on the long end, because you only have so many choices and they are all in the high hundreds or four figures.

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