Micro 4/3 Sigma and m4/3 lenses


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43 Rumors | Blog | (FT5) Hot! Two new Sigma m43 lenses coming soon.

After all the excitement from Fuji and Canon, 43rumors have pictures of two Sigma lenses apparently for m4/3. The somewhat pulse slowing pair entails a 19mm f/2.8 and a 30mm f/2.8.

Mmmm.... did I miss something here or are these somewhat...... boring?

Still Sigma being Sigma they might be cheap, unless the SD1 has gone to their heads and they turn out to be £1000 each. (But of course they do give you medium format quality!!)


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It looks like they are nex lenses converted to m43. Even for nex system, they are not that exciting!
I guess they don't want to beat their dp1/2 camera f/4-2.8 speeds. Hopefully the lens quality is similar to the dp1/2 lenses.

Naveed Akhtar

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I am totally nut if I chose these not so hot lenses over cheaper Pany 20mm f1.7 and 25mm f1.4 or oly 45mm f1.8
What is their selling point? newer 25mm and 45mm are quite enough and fast enough!

Is it some sort of mind these m4/3 lens producers have set on producing only slower versions for micro 4/3 lens bodies.
I really wouldn't mind carrying these two lenses over my EP-1 or GH1, of any size Pany or Oly can produce:

* 16-24mm f2.5 constant FE
* 24-70mm f2.5 constant FE
* 70-200mm f2.5 constant FE


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Thanks Julien, I have my eyes on this for my NEX 5N. The kit zoom has a minimum f4.0 at 30mm so I am anxious to get a prime even if it is f2.8. Also, it is smaller and lighter than the kit. I will wait until the first user reports come in though.


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Although the lenses are on the slow side for primes, they are good options due to their size/price for nex esp considering that each of the Sony lenses are kit lens sized except the pancake lens. They will make nex more pocketable and give more lens options. For the quality we have to see the tests on nex cameras.

Lawrence A.

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I guess I'm two years behind the times. I wanted a lens wider than my PL25mm, can not afford the Olympus 17 f1.8, , and so for 99 bucks picked up the Sigma 19mm, which is a perfectly nice lens, despite all the dissing of it. Are people repeating certain reviews, or have they used the thing? It resolves a good amount of detail and is not real contrasty. For some that's a disadvantage, but I've always been drawn to lenses like that, the reason I chose Schneider over Nikon and Fuji lenses for my large format work. Sigma has been making some very nice glass for a long time.

The 19mm is a sweet little lens -- well, not so little, but not big either. It focuses quickly and it is a very good performer. It is a different enough FOV that having it along with a 25 is quite useful. F2.8 is slow, but I'm using it on an OM-D, and I don't mind pushing the iso on that camera or, for still objects, relying on its phenomenal IBIS. Here's a couple of shots from the 19, just test shots, don't expect art:

at f2.8