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Lets see some images from these cameras!

Here's one to get things started. A stressful moment for me on the highway:

I did a double take when I first saw that in front of me! I'm actually not sure what was going on. As I recall, it looked like a truck with two fronts, but they must have been towing it.
I don't blame you! Unfortunately weird occurrences such as people driving the wrong way on highways, do happen more than I care to think about.

A truck with two fronts or a Pushmepullyou!:D
Thank you everyone! And thank you for providing links to where you have some of your other photographs online, as well. Very nice to be able to look around!
christilou, am I losing my mind or didn't you just post elsewhere on this site that you were having difficulties with this camera?! You certainly had no difficulties here - the way the light is glinting off this pair of men's shoes is fantastic! I feel as though I can reach out an touch them, though I'm sure I'd leave some fingerprint smudges on their spit shine.;)

In addition, the size you chose worked our wonderfully here - that perfect pair pointing away from us as they go out of focus, the lines of the tiles and that one, little brilliant red petal. I don't see how you could have gotten a better image. I really like this one!
I agree with you Wouter but your persistence certainly seems to have paid off. I think it's much harder to get something worth keeping but when you do, well, your images speak for themselves :)
I certainly have some good keepers taken with the DP1, but it is just not the camera that I want to pick up. I even have more joy from my old Canon 10D with some M42 lenses. Yes, the images speak for themselves (see what Archiver for instance achieves with it), but I miss the spark, the magic. It is just not becoming an extension of my arm and vision. It is an awkward black box with an amazing sensor and everything not to be liked by me. The AF is incredibly slow, the screen is horrible, I don't like the MF implementation (you can easily touch the wheel and change the setting), the body is slippery, and the hot shoe doesn't enable a good fit for the OVF (Sigma and Voigtländer).

The first time I used the camera it felt just perfect, but since then I never had that same excitement with that camera anymore.

Still some more (the first one is from the first outing).
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I think that a lot of cameras that I've owned have failed in the most important user requirement for me, the screen. As I've grown older I've sold my Ricoh GX100 and Olympus E510 because I just can't see the screens easily. I'm afraid that the DP1 falls into that same category, possibly the worst of all! I am loving the Olympus EP2 with it's great viewfinder. I wear reading glasses and find I need to use them for any camera work now.
So many cameras - so many good pictures. I'm glad that my budget has been blown. I do, however, find it interesting to read everyone's likes and dislikes about their cameras, whether it's the handling, the screen or whatever. I think that Wouter's description of how his relationship has changed with this particular camera, despite his excellent images with it, is telling.

Happy anniversary, Bruce, to you and your wife!:flowers_2: