Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread




Prototype, welcome and thanks for adding your photographs to this thread! I'm also really glad that when I click on them I can see them larger and appreciate even more their details - especially the first two...and see more of your work on Flickr. You've obviously gotten this camera down beautifully! My two favorites are the B&W with the pipes (seen larger really shows off the details and tones) and that Chevron sign with the evening sky...

Will, thank you for your three - each shows such a different view and how this camera has worked so well for you, too. Super textures and color in that first one - very nicely framed with the couple down at the base... Your second one, seem almost like a set from a play - with an extremely realistic setting. Don't know if that makes sense or not to you...but it's the static feeling - which I like very much. Great reflection and unusual feeling of light, with the limited color palette.
Thank you for the comments, BBW and Kathy :)

It's certainly a difficult camera and it might seem absurd when I tell someone that the autofocus doesn't work and I simply guess the focusing distance. But I do get some satisfaction when I see that I'm getting better at nailing the focus and composing the image properly using the optical viewfinder. Perhaps when I get a faster camera, I'll realize how bad the camera truly is. But in the mean time, I find it enjoyable.
I at one time really considered the DP1, But when I could not try it nor return it if I did not like it I passed and got the G9. Then the DP2 came out and again, I wanted one and again, I ended up with the G10. Now that I have the LX-5 I doubt that I will ever own one. Well, if a good price came up on a used one, maybe. For now, I will simply enjoy the images on this thread :)
Sorry to put a downer on things but mice are very territorial and it is unlikely to survive the local mice in the area that you moved it too :(

That's interesting Will. I often wonder about raccoons and various other wild animals that are trapped and then moved - in this case the moving didn't seem too far, but it's all relative to their territorial size, I'm sure. I do know that mice can be a scourge when they infiltrate one's house and set up outposts in one's dresser drawers. I lived in a little house in real country once and I was over run...then I had one or two in a little apartment on the second floor or a house in the suburbs around where I live...the mouse used to steal individual pieces of my dog's dry dog food and secret them away in the attic - where I found them hidden in my winter boots!
Well, I didn't know that. My wife and I shall think of what to do the next time.
By the way the mouse was caught during eating of coppa of the best (my opinion) delicatessen shop of Milano.