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Tilman Paulin

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Nov 15, 2011
Vancouver B.C.
That looks really good for 800 on one of these cameras. Is there a trick to it? I see it doesn't look underexposed at all, which is probably a good start. That's a patient cat to sit still for a whole 1/8 second!
The few colour photos I took (before switching to black and white) had a bit of a colour cast to them (bit like expired film? Green-magenta - which is fine if you're happy with that look, but I preferred the neutral black&white here. Looks much cleaner.)

I was stabilizing the camera against the wall, and thanks to the leaf shutter you get away with longer shutter times (no shutter shock at all)

Another positive effect of the quiet leaf shutter is that the cats aren't bothered by the camera :)

(whereas even with the quiet Oly EM1ii shutter they didn't like it - or they were bothered by some other noises that we don't hear - like IBIS)

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