Sigma Sigma DP1, DP2 and DP3 Merrill: different colours or not? The truth revealed...


Mar 2, 2013
San Ginesio, Italy
Hello everyone,

following all the polemics going on on various Internet forums lately regarding the DP3 Merrill's colour rendition and whether it's colours are different or not from the DP1/DP2 pair's, I proceeded to a controlled test that should put this discussion to rest - I shot colour charts under controlled flash light, using different WB, computing all colorimetric values in PS, etc.

In short, the result is that there are in fact differences; especially so if you use Auto WB or WB Presets, where the DP3 is much better than the DP1/DP2, much less so if you use Custom WB in which case, actually, the DP2 and DP3 are very similar, versus the DP1 which stands alone in this case.

I posted the whole test, colour charts shots included, on my blog for your reference:

The Sigma DP Merrils and their colours: the truth revealed!

Hope this helps to clarify things on this heated issue :biggrin:

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