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Jun 5, 2011
Stratford, London
I have had this Sigma DP1X camera effectively from new after having bought it from someone who won it in a competition in May 2011. It is still in very fine condition and produces beautiful photos but with the release of the DP Merrill cameras I am looking to upgrade.

The sale includes the following extras:

Sigma HA-11 hood and Hoya PL-CIR 46mm polarising filter.

Richard Franiec grip - this really improves the handling of the camera.

A GGS hard glass screen protector.

Replacement retractable lens hood.

Camera comes with the original box and all expected original accessories (except the original lens hood).

My asking price is £195 for everything and includes RMSD within the UK.

Here is a picture from this DP1X which I submitted on page 12 of the DP image thread and which shows the luminescent quality that the Foveon sensor can produce.

Pictures of the DP1X are in this gallery - note, I have shown the tripod bushing marks which are the only blemishes I can see.

BTW - I have positive feedback on MU-43 where I've recently sold a GF2 and PanaLeica 25mm lens.
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