Sigma Sigma dp2 Quattro JPG and raw testing

During initial testing, it sure looked to me that the TIFF 16 file was slightly better than the OOC jpgs. Today, I took some different type of pictures. They are so close, I can't really tell the difference.. In fact in some instances the OOC jpg maybe even better :D The JPG engine is a vast improvement over the Merrill one.

Again, u be the judge

OOC JPG - Fine - 50% Crop (1/200@F5 ISO 100)

100% Crop of the JPG

100% crop from the TIFF16
Did some testing of Large vs Small RAW files today and was blown away from what I saw from the SMALL RAW file.. Right now I actually like it better than the LARGE RAW, go figure :p The colors are truer and places where the 4:1:1 algo lost the fine detail, the 1:1:1 small raw retained it.


Extracted jpg from Large Raw File 60% crop - ISO 100 - 1/100@f4

Extracted jpg from Small RAW file

Extracted jpg from Large RAW file 70% crop - ISO 250 - 1/60@f2.8

Extracted jpg from small raw file
The small raw do have more detail in certain situations. I think it is due to the 1-1-1 relationship. In large raw where 4-1-1 is used, the algo needs to guess at true relation of a pixel location to its neighbor. Sometimes it will guess wrong just like a Bayer array sensor would. I have seen shots my friends w/ Sony a7r have shown me where certain constant color fine detail would out resolve what the dp2 Merrill was showing, but subtle color changes in extremely small areas only showed up in the Merrill camera. It was like the Sony had a more crisp but creamy look vs the Merrill w/ it's very detailed look.

Outside of the stupid sd card door design, the dp2 Quattro looks like it will work out nicely for me. I really don't have a need to print big. My normal print is 8x11 and I do occasional 13x19.

I actually really like the results I am seeing in low raw mode.

Using low raw as my default setup is what I am current thinking of doing (raw+jpg). The jpg engine is so good, I may only need to use spp for those special cases. Since the size of the low raw is much smaller, sd card write times are much shorter. To get around the now awb in monochrome, i am going to just shoot in color and do my monochrome conversion from the jpg in silver fx pro 2.

Is it me or are the small RAW files sharper than the large RAW files?

On top of my previous post about this subject, I forgot to mention..

The small raw is equivalent to the 15mp pre-Merrill sensor that is in the sd15 and dp1x/dp2x. Where that sensor showed a very smooth creamy look to them, so far I have not seen this in the Quattro small raw files.

How are the small JPEGs in comparison?
I am not sure what u are asking... First let me clarify what I have done so far. The jpg that u c in the large vs small raw are the ones that were embedded by the camera during the creation of the raw file. They appear to be the equivalent to a "fine" jpg. I accidentally shot in raw only during this test sequence, not raw+jpg. Spp 6 was used to extract the jpg from the raw file.

If u are asking about jpg sizes
- s-hi is averaging around 21mb
- the extracted fine is averaging 11mb for large raw and small raw jpgs are about 4mb.

If u are asking about the difference between fine, normal and basic. I don't know since I never use anything but s-hi or fine jpg setting so far.

Hope I answered your question
Sorry for not being more clear.

You mentioned here that the "small" RAW files have better colors than the large ones, so I was wondering if the same was the case for the JPEG files.
It is one in the same since these were extracted jpg from the raw file. If I had taken these in fine jpg mode only vs raw only and extracted the jpg.

If u would like.. I can post the specific shot that way.



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Aug 29, 2014

How do you set Low Raw on the Camera, can't find it in the menu..!!

Thanks in advance..!!

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