Sigma Sigma DP2s still works!


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Been reading a lot about DP2M recently, been very tempted to say the least.

Today we went for a trip to a nearby castle that has a very nice garden. I brought my DP2s and my "macro lens" which is a filter adapter with stacked Canon 250D and 500D close-up filters for a total of +6.

Very happy with what I came home with, not sure I actually need a DP2M.. I would have bought a DP2s in a Fuji X100 type body in a heartbeat though.

Anyway, here's the shots, I'm particularly impressed with the bees. They weren't intimidated by the camera in any way, I'm sure they would have stung me if I had been bothering them with a DSLR :p

20120814 Frederiksborg Slotspark - a set on Flickr

Tilman Paulin

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beautiful shots! I really like the colours (the glorious weather probably helped;) and the detail in those closeups is great!
Looks like it was a nice day out!

WOW! A photographer with your skill deserves a DP2 Merrill. What are you waiting for? Sell your old gear to wannabes who only want to pretend for a while that we could match your skill with antique cameras.
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