Sigma DP2x announced at CP+


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Thanks for this news flash Herman! Here's a bit from the dpreview site:
CP+ 2011: Sigma has announced the DP2x digital compact camera, a revised version of its DP2 large-sensor compact camera that captures three-color...


Jan 29, 2011
Disappointed Sigma aren't stepping up the game. Well, they probably are working on something, but these minor upgrades are pretty boring. The original DP1 (or whatever it was called) was interesting when it first came out, and the later models built upon this, but now with the mirrorless cameras and more advances compacts, I can't see many people buying these.


Nov 22, 2010
Central Texas
I hope there's more to the upgrade than we know right now. If they really speed up the AF they might give the Fuji x100 at least a little competition, esp. from those who decline to pay 1200 for a compact.


Hall of Famer
Nov 29, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
I have a thing for Sigma DPS2, its minimalist design, its Foveon sensor and its simplicity. But I also sort of agree with ricardovaste and Janis, I wish Sigma would lift the game and produce a DPS with faster AF and possibly faster lens, and possibly a slightly larger APS-C sensor if possible.

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