Sigma Sigma fp. No one saw that coming.


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Cinema5d first impressions with Rolling Shutter & Dynamic Range test:

Here's a hands-on with 2 videos to compare e-stabilizer:

Another review:
From his replies:
"ISO performance is great, and the autofocus on video is not bad but is not Sony or Canon, Eye focus worked okey at photo mode but on video it didn't work, I tried to find it on the menu to see if there any options for that but I couldn't find it, but compare it to BlackMagic autofocus is was better but not close to Sony, more like Panasonics autofocus. But im guessing that they improve it in the feature with a firmware update. I hope so..."

"Rolling shutter test is at 1080p, not 4K."


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Anyone got one of these yet?

The price in AUD is about $3400 with the 45mm lens. Not too shabby alternative to the Sony RX1...

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