Sigma Sigma Sadism (or Indoor Children with a DP2M)


In my endless quest to inflict as much pain as possible on myself and my family, I decided to take my DP2M over to the sis-in-laws place for dinner. I figured I'd take this incredible image making device and use it in the last possible situation it was designed for. Amazingly, it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be.

A few thoughts:

- Indoors, the AF is really quite useless. Not "incorrect" useless (although sometimes it is), but "I might as well physically move the subjects into whatever spot it is focused on then to wait for this loud, godforsaken thing to stumble its way into coherence" useless.

- Explaining why I'm using this instead of my shinny, fast-focusing GX7 + 45mm setup got a lot of.... "Hmmmm" responses from the crowd. These people are used to my rotating inventory of weird, off-brand cameras, and I've bored them enough that they understand the basics of what makes a quality instrument. However, when I found myself explaining the design of the Foveon sensor and how I could make a A4-sized tack-sharp print of these, I was greeted with "'re just going to put these on Facebook, right?". To which I had no valid answer.

- The white balance continues to be amazingly off almost all the time. I've resorted to packing an 18% gray card, even for this kind of informal thing. (Also, my wife's favorite sweatshirt is very close to perfectly gray, so I make her wear that more than she'd like)

- I will keep this camera until it dies simply for the B&W. I took close to identical shots with my GX7 + 20mm f/1.7 and then did conversions. Not. Even. Close.

All shots with a manual bounce flash off the ceiling. (I didn't realize it didn't swivel or go past 90 degrees, so it wasn't ideal)









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