Signs of Fall.


Scott Depot, WV, USA
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The two huge leaf piles to either side of our driveway are gone . . . that is, until tonight's nasty weather arrives. The first image shows about 1/2 of what was to the left of the driveway. Fun times!

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monster gone.jpg
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Apollo T.

I can sit by quietly no more. Let’s see if there’s a viable alternative:
A) You could pay someone to rake that pile; while you pay someone to exercise on their treadmill to no-where.
2). You could try to make a profit on it- “$X per bag of high grade DIY compostable material. From a good suburban non-smoking family.”
C). Public service: “FREE use of our aerobic gear- responsibly powered” Put that sign near your rake.
D). Once I got into a teasing match with our letter carrier. He broke my chops about how long it would take for me to finish the job with my electric leaf blower.
To which I replied, “Oh yeah! I’ll bet you $5 you can’t do it better by hand.”
I truly believe I came really close to loosing that bet!