SiJ 2017 - Day 26.


Newcastle, Australia
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Thanks Bill, and to you too.

IN the meantime, still fighting with the new tap (washing dishes in the laundry tub isnt much fun), but I realised I could re-use some of the fittings from the old tap, they are pretty much universal. The old ones are much heavier duty and better quality and it all worked fairly well. I have only got to reconnect the hoses (well the hot hose is done, the cold one not yet, my knees gave out... hate getting old). So, in lieu of a good photo, here's one of the underside of the sink .. before...


I lead an exciting life. LOL!

NOT the LX, iphone to the rescue here

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Here's a picture on Australia Day of Trooper Alfred Cameron Junior, an indigenous world war one serviceman, taken in Redfern, an area characterised by migrant populations that have lived in the area over centuries and very much the indigenous community.

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Great day to enjoy the beach in my hometown
EM5 mk2 +Olympus 25mm
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Gosh, you make me jealous! Could you include the sun in your next frame? I want to recognise the bugger if I ever see him again ...

(Honestly, thick low cloud cover for more than a week at constant -5C or lower - it's getting old. As does the air below the clouds, by the way.)


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