SiJ 2017 - some reflections on the first 10 days.


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Last SiJ threads of this type (after 10 day intervals) were well received mainly because there was limited place to comment when using a Gallery.

The thread approach has generated a lot more comment on individual photos but I think there is some benefit from taking an extended look back.

Personally I still can't believe I failed to post the new thread for day 5 and now day 11 - reminder to self - 'measure twice - cut once'.

What would you like to share?


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From my point of view it seems there has been a lot more activity than in the gallery. That may or may not be correct, but it certainly *seems* so as threads are much more visible. I think the level of interaction has really helped to increase the community spirit, and it's given me encouragement to contribute. I certainly intend to carry on to the bitter end this year (maybe swapping cameras half way, I would love an excuse to give the macro lens a good workout!).


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I still find it hard to find the time to shoot, to edit, to post and to comment, but try to single out one or two images per day to give an individual comment next to the thumbs up. But I do prefer threads over gallery, simply because it's easier to find all images per day. I love participating so far.


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I don't have problems with time, I have plenty of that, but I find it difficult to summon up any enthusiasm for being away from my a/c when its been so hot of late. Today will be better, they say, and back to extreme heat tomorrow and for next week too.

That said, I don't seem to have had any issues with actually shooting *something*. Perhaps the long absence from Singles In... has helped. And TBH I never liked the gallery thing, it got way too confusing, everything mixed in together.


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After the first 10 days, inspiration becomes a real challenge, and it only gets harder (just FYI!). The difference between this year and last year is that there's a bit more support this time round and the thread works.


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I've really enjoyed it so far, even if the last couple of days (11 and 12 included) were hard due to time constraints. The small camera with its limitations is nevertheless quite an inspiring tool because I can really take it everywhere and seize every opportunity. If it were a bit better at low-light, I could see myself getting used to having it with me (must-not-think-about-G9X-II).



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In no particular order I've found my endeavours to find a daily pic:

Life Threatening.
An inconvenience.
An opportunity to take a seat and watch the world go by.

I'm surprised that I've got to day 12 without seeking the Doctor!


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I try to review every photo in the threads, even the late arrivals. It's great to see the contrast in weather, environment and subject matter. I didn't finish SiJ last year, so I'm motivated to make it to the end. It's getting harder, what with the work schedule - literally the only time I have is finding a subject on the way to the office in the morning. I work in a corporate park, so there's not a lot around. Excuses I know. Keep an eye open for the next found shot.


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It's been a bit of a mixed bag for me as well. Being somewhat stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by stuff I usually don't care too much about (I always photographed more people than anything else) presents the main challenge and reason to jump on the bandwagon.
Gear wise I almost switched camp weeks before the SiJ but I'm through with that and pretty happy with the combo I've chosen, especially the often underrated 18mm Fujinon.

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