SiJ 2018 - Day Seven.


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Dec 25, 2010
The Netherlands
I am very intrigued by your posts Hanneke. Are these memorials in remembrance of people who have died in accidents at those particular places or something else?
Hanneke and I live in a Roman Catholic region, where these crosses are a tradition. We call them “wegkruizen” (road crosses). They can be put up for several reasons:
- devotion: a general show of faith;
- memory: to remember a fortunate or fatal occasion;
- vow: when your prayers were heard;
- mission: to remember the visit of a missionary;
- hail: a cross in the middle of the fields to ask for protection against natural disasters like hail.

I don’t know if Hanneke is singling out one kind, or just the crosses she stumbles upon. I’ll leave that for her to answer.


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Feb 3, 2012
I admit it - I have an untidy desk problem. Today's image is 'office shaming' and I undertake to fix the situation before the end of SiJ. (Fair enough before the end of SiJ 2018). I will document the transformation here.
BTW today's shot is in the miniature style.

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Don't feel bad - yours is tidy compared to my...err..."workspace." If I could just get the kids to stop piling their stuff on my periphery...


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Feb 3, 2012
-15F today, not as brutal as Saturday was. We're actually hoping for a warm-up this week - above freezing 4 out 5 days. So back to more experimentation with the close-up filter on my 56. The good news is that I'm getting better at it, and was helped by an additional holiday gift on my list - a very nice Joby Ball head to replace my decades-old original pan-and-tilt that came with my tripod - made positioning the camera a breeze. A close-up of an ornament - it was about 5" from the lens front. See this post to get a sense of what the native minimum focusing distance is without the filter.


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