SiJ 2018 - Day Two.


Newcastle, Australia
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Definitely slower than last time. Mangroves on the banks of the Hunter River, opposite Ash Island.



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Our next lot of rain cleared, sort of, by late morning. The forecast was for a few sunny periods to develop, however that was not to be. It did look possible around noon but during the five minute walk down the lane from my cottage the uniform greyness returned. I abandoned the idea I had in mind and cut my losses with an image from the lane. I've struggled to inject much life into the image. I've tried black and white in Raw Therapee but was very unhappy with the results, then over to Photoshop and Nik filters, both Silver Efex and Viveza. The later injected some life into the colour image, but I'm never very happy with colour (possibly because I'm slightly blue-green colour blind) whilst my efforts with Silver Efex bought out more mid tones in the image, so here it is for what it's worth. It certainly proves that the quality of the light must be interesting to obtain an interesting landscape, more of a day to leave ones camera in the bag if landscape photography is on your agenda.


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