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More storm debris (this was first intended as today's shot, but the more abstract one made the cut):

The young guy was really quite baffled by what his usual stroll grounds looked like:

The technical troubles persist: Shooting doesn't seem to be a problem, but sometimes, files aren't written correctly; sometimes I get a "File type not readable" error, sometimes it's "only" "Can't read whitebalance information" - which does prevent darktable from opening the files as well. I'll swap out the SD card next to check if it's that, but if not, it's either bit rot (i.e. file formats being phased out by the maintenance team at the software development group) or the camera slowing failing. Luckily, the embedded JPEGs seem intact, Polarr works without complaining, so I have an alternative workflow, but pretty limited. The three chosen images for SiJ are done with darktable, but the documentary shot for FiJ (Film in January) had to be done with Polarr again.

One last thing: The 18.5mm flares something *cruel* when there's a direct light source in the image; I wasn't aware of that. It's a nice lens otherwise, but severely limited contre-jour.

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So far the G9X has worked a treat. I don’t seem to get the motion blur issues i’ve had with other small compacts. The jpegs seem sharp. The WiFi transfer to my iPhone also worked well so I was able to post from my easy chair in Massachusetts. It was pretty easy to transfer, crop, adjust brightness, etc., and post. What I especially like is that the G9X fits easily in a coat pocket. Of course, I have now jinxed myself and it will probably develop all these problems from now on.


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Not so much an out-take as it is a "Before" image of my Day Seven photo. Still shooting with the Close-Up filter on my 56, as it was ridiculously cold today. This was about at minimum focus distance which is just a little over 2 feet. :rolleyes: Still figuring it out, but a brand new Joby ball head (I've been using a pan-and-tilt for decades) with a built-in Arca Swiss made positioning the camera correctly so much easier!

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