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I think given the large number of entries for consideration for the front and back covers, coming to an agreement on 1 for front and 1 for the back might be nigh on impossible. But there seems to be enough of a quorum who have backed the idea of a collage. I think the added side benefit of giving everyone an additional 2 images will also make it more platable.

The only concern I have with this now is the layout. Otto's example ( ) looked great with it's symmetry of 5 images by 5 images. They were also the same aspect ratio. We have 27 or 28 at last count and we all have shots in different orientations and aspect ratios.

Does someone think they can make a design work when the numbers are odd? How about if the shots are all different sizes and shapes? Before we start submitting shots for the cover, this may need to be discussed.

Another alternative would be to agree on an aspect ratio (and orientation) for shots and ask for a couple volunteers to go with 3 shots (instead of 4) to make a simple and pleasing grid of 5 x 5 shots (maybe a grid of 4 x 7 shots would work if we have 28). I would volunteer to go with 3 to get the ball rolling.

But let's get the creative types involved in a discussion here. I know this initial planning stage may seem like it's dragging out, but the more planning that is done in advance and the smoother everything else goes. And really once the cover is planned, then we can decide what 2 main shots we want in the book and get those submitted and then the work is all on me.

So let's hear your opinions on the layout.


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How about, square images along the diagonal, with portrait orientation images in vertical lines above it and landscape orientation images in horizontal lines underneath it - so you get an effect somewhat similar to the lines in a tree leaf held diagonally