SiJ - MAIN photo submission Request


Milwaukee, WI USA
Hi all,
It's been a few weeks since I have asked anything of you. We have MOST of the cover shots, but still need ONE more (are you out there jorge?). So we'll put the cover layout on hold for the moment and I can start working on the body of the book.

So please send me the 2 images you want to represent your months' work inside the book. To refresh your memory.....for maximum quality, Blurb suggests an image with at least one side being a minimum of 3000 pixels and the image should be output or saved at 300dpi in the JPEG setting. When sending the images to please include your username (it makes it easier to see that Ive got everyone's shots).

If you could respond in the affirmative to this thread when you have done so, it will also help me with my weak organizational skills. If you have sent them already, I would appreciate it if you could send them won't be the end of the world if you don't. But the 2 minutes spent on your end may save me 15 minutes on my end going back through the submission for the cover images to sort it all out.

Thanks all for your continued patience and I look forward to seeing your images fill the inbox and start working on this project. My personal work schedule is pretty heavy for the next couple weeks, but my hopeful timeline is that we can get everyone's photos sent in in a week and then I get the layout done in a week or two and then we'll work on the finishing touches, proof it and send in for a copy to see how it we're at least a month away, but baby steps are getting us closer.

Also, if anyone bumps into jorge in this virtual world....let him know we're looking for his cover well as these 2 main shots that I need from all of you.