SiJy 2019 Day 10


Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
Kerfing is an essential part of a guitar or ukulele, serving to add rigidity to the body and extra gluing surface for the top and back. It is glued onto the sides while the instrument is still in the building mold, half of which you see in front. The kerfs allow the lining to be bent to the sides of the instrument without requiring heat bending. There are two types: reverse kerfing, like the piece shown here, is glued with the kerfed side facing against the wood. It is generally thought to be more rigid when glued. You can see a bit of the reverse kerfing through the soundhole of my guitar body. The other type of kerfed lining has the kerfs facing inward. I prefer the reversed kerfing, as I think it gives a cleaner fit.



Oct 27, 2010
My morning meeting ran on and on right over my lunch time so no real time to shoot video until after work while driving to Ikea (to get a stand for my iPad so I can watch Netflix while in the bath).

Note to self: must try harder!!!

Also contains footage from the National Museum of Scotland and the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh.
I wanted to shoot a Black Shouldered Kite. He was out there, he was sitting in a tree, and as soon as I stopped the car, he took off, leaving only one feather behind. Well, thats my story, and I'm sticking to it!

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And it's a perfectly good story too!! Intrigue, mystery, a tragic quest, jilted love. Now start on the screenplay while I line up the talk shows.
Day 10. Feeling good about my physical recovery, but focussed on other things, so only capable of a couple quick snapshots to share here.

I have been lax until today. But today I offer for your amazement and study, the beautiful, talented, and mysterious... Balthus. HER owner/roommate is a painter. And it really is MISS Balthus.
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