SiJy 2019 Day 11

Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
I am just having fun learning how to shoot video.

Sorry you didn’t get it/like it. Good news (?) I’ve got 20 more videos to shoot until the end of this challenge to win you over!
I really, really like your videos, and envy a bit the idea. Brilliant!

However I’d like to give you few proposals based on own experience shooting videos, or actually ‘consuming’ those afterwards. If you don’t have specific idea with the length of the single video and use it as a tool of expression, try to limit these to max 1 minute. Or even shorter. The longer one shot, or the whole video is the easier it is to fast forward. People are restless. You get more and happier audience with tight story telling with shorter shots. (Of course editing videos is then more time consuming and difficult :( )

Less is more, and it is especially so on videos. But as said, I already like a lot of your work and waiting eagerly to see the whole set :thumbup:

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