SiJy 2019 Day 13


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Hi folks, another weekend has come, hope we all get good ones to show.

Here's mine, I have a few others that I've worked on harder to get right however this one takes more luck to get, and also looks more interesting to me.

I had to do some perspective correction which doesn't look too obvious however that ball spoiled it.

IMG_5213_Canon EOS M50_1_160_1.4_100_32.0 mm_EF-M32mm f_1.4 STM.jpg


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An early morning foray to the beach at Beesands (about 4 miles away) to point the GF1 at a scene with a dynamic range somewhat in excess of it's 10 year old sensor technology to be capable of recording, hence some areas of blown out sky. I had always intended to make a monochrome image but found I had to resort to my Windows machine and use Silver Efex to get close to my original vision, not that I'm sure I succeeded, but another image that hopefully conveys some atmosphere though it is beyond reality. The exposure time was lengthened with three Cokin ND filters stacked in front of the lens in the hope of conveying some sense of movement in the water although it was a bit too calm with very little surge in the sea, unlike recent conditions on the other side of the world in the Bass Strait, so all I ended up with are wispy gossamer like streaks.

Having given it some thought in the hour since posting I now think the image would have been improved by some local burning in of those wispy gossamer streaks to lift them from zone 7 that they were showing in Silver Efex. Hmm, that turned out to be a somewhat ambitious idea :laugh:, think again.



p.s. Once again Photoshop throws any Exif data away (you can tell when I use RawTherapee, Exif is there!)
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