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Hi folks, Day 18 thread here, I'll start with mine.

This is my third attempt following the last two days, hope it's getting better. I learned the potato dish from a YouTube video last night, and it definitely doesn't taste any worse than the photo shows.
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Just 4-5 miles east of where I live lies the village of Torcross. An early morning visit was required to get there before the many tourists we have round here at the moment. Even so someone else was photographing the tank as I arrived, he then spent a minute or so standing head bowed in front of it before moving quietly off. To learn more about how a Sherman Duplex Drive (DD) Tank designed to "swim" ashore on the northern coast of France on 6th June 1944 is standing here as a mute memorial to the sacrifice of several hundred American servicemen I refer you to the following web site Ken Small & The Sherman Tank Memorial | Exercise Tiger Memorial


Torcross Tank Memorial

This is one I had to process in Silver Efex to express the scene in a way I felt fitting and which I couldn't achieve using RawTherapee. When I used to dedicate a lot of my time to Slapton Ley Nature Reserve back in the 1990's-2000's I often spoke with Ken Small who spent every day here always ready to explain to visitors the history behind this memorial.

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Sorry, pretty uninspired today; the shots I intended for today's post were all framed sub-par, so I have to make do with an impression that surprised me because I had never come across it before, but it's certainly nothing special (mainly because of the haze and smoke in the image - very hot day today). I simply wasn't aware that the church in the image could be seen from this angle at all; it's kind of a tricky spot to be in, actually, but that doesn't show in the image - let me just say that avoiding the intruding branches would only have been possible by flying ... Anyway, since I have to be off to work soon (community project), I won't have any real opportunity of finding something better, so here goes ...



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