SiJy 2019 Day 19


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Hi folks, let's see your photos for Day 19. I'll start with mine, too tired today to be any more creative than this, a last minute snap.

IMG_5424_Canon EOS M50_2_5.0_100_32.0 mm_EF-M32mm f_1.4 STM.jpg
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Well... a sunny day so I headed off to a couple of locations where I had wanted to get some shots... Blackbutt Reserve, where there are aussie animals and birds, the place was utterly *seething* with parents and small shouting and screaming children. Nope. Jesmond Park seemed like a good idea, too. But everything had been pruned away. Not a rose in sight. Well, I suppose they were past it :)

IN the end, fairly local. A bit of dancing and singing, I think :)


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