SiJy 2019 Day 2

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I am still feeling my way into the rhythm of this challenge (I want to call it an assignment to give option to the culture of dominance.). Today I went to watch the game at a local pub. Thought especially of the English folks on this forum, as I don't think many folks in the U.S. know the World Cup is being played. Good, physical game; the U.S. held on to win 2-1; with God on our side to block a penalty shot.
Here is the first goal - with the keeper in the air and the ball not yet in the netting. Centered between 2 American flags. Pretty cool I thought.
Single click. Maybe I "Still got it" (my shutter timing) after all.
Hi challengers, I know many of you are still enjoying your bright sunny July 1st, I'm posting the Day 2 challenge and as always, you make it shine.

Here's mine.
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My original plan for another product photography didn't work, but I'm having great fun with the 12 years old Canon 40D. This one's shot with the 50mm 1.8 STM lens.
Great light. Great capture.


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Cute girl, but I'm not sure I like the 28mm focal length for close up individual portraits.
Ah, it certainly gives different results than the 40mm equivalent that I used on the last two single in challenges. Hope to get better at it as the month goes on. Either that or my subject matter will evolve from close up to more environmental. :th_salute:


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I do like the black and white conversion, has that been done with Fuji's X Raw Studio or as an in camera simulation, or some other magical means? I do have a Fuji X Pro 2 which I've never really gotten on with, but I'm tempted to blow the dust off it and take it along when I venture out tomorrow with the humble GF1 for Day 3 and try and get to love it.

Dxomark film pack. Some Ilford film from days of yore.

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