SiJy 2019 Day 20


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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
Bridge design for a stringed instrument involves both physics and aesthetics. The saddle slot and string holes must be cut and drilled precisely, but the shape is pretty much up to the builder. Here, the tenor guitar bridge has been slotted, drilled, and cut to its rough outline. Next, carving and sanding to the final profile.

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Jul 9, 2010
Caguas, Puerto Rico
Shot this as a safety shot as soon as we got to the beach. This is (again) a shot of Playuela Beach and the Los Morillos lighthouse in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Same as my day 5 shot, except this time I endeavored to capture some of the rock and plant texture in the bottom. Also, in color.

Would have taken a different shot, but the nice blue sky did not last long...

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Apr 18, 2014
Boston Burbs
Almost broke down and took another pic of the cats or the second of my kids Lego/KNex toys. Then I walked into the guest room and remembered the table and lamp made by an old family friend and the chair he restored. Kind of shooting for an old time look without just going for one of the LR "aged" presets.
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Have not had time to go through and see what everyone has posted for today. I had nothing, just the last of the heat wave. Then suddenly, big wind, big rain, big crash. So I grab camera and slap a rainproof lens on it (sorry not the 20) and run out to document the damage for insurance. and begin any immediate repairs (Did it take out the stairway and trap the upstairs tenants?).
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Somehow the wind threw the 10" branch just barely far enough to avoid major damage. Just above the stairway, you can see where it was ripped off the tree. And it fell without taking out the stairway or the vegetables in pots near the house. So, big mess, but no major damage. No windows broken. I am standing in driving rain getting this shot.
Later, I went back in and picked up the GX85 and 14-150. "If it's going to be killed by rain, let me do it deliberately." Brought it back out into the driving rain and shot about 5-6 minutes. Never missed a beat.
Wipe down both cameras. Fix a cup of tea. Give thanks for no major damage. Sit and ponder all this.
Both touchscreens had a little trouble with dripping wet fingers. But no problem once wiped just enough to keep working. Both were dripping wet, but without thinking I only had one shot with a water spot on the front element (I guess I naturally keep them pointed down slightly). Both had focussing issues because of the dripping fingers - but resolved after I wiped off my hands.
The GX85 is NOT sealed against weather, but the build and electronics are robust enough that I worked in driving rain for 5-6 minutes, without protecting the camera, and had no problem. Very interesting. I only live a few hours from the Great Sand Dunes. Shall I test it?? I already tested it on both Atlantic (Portugal) and Pacific (Mexico) beaches of extended periods. Very interesting indeed.
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