SiJy 2019 Day 22


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Hi Folks, hope you've all enjoyed a nice weekend. I took this one with my M50 and 32 prime when I was doing some interval shooting with the 40D.

Update: here's the link to the final result of the 40D shot.

IMG_5861_Canon EOS M50_1_320_6.3_100_32.0 mm_EF-M32mm f_1.4 STM.jpg
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Good morning, yes I know it's early, but I'm usually up in time to catch the "Golden Hour". However yet again this morning there was no golden hour, indeed there's little hope of any sun being visible at all today until perhaps this evening, and I'm not really an evening person these days. So you'll have to make do with the front door of the cottage I currently call home and a reflection of the view from that door. Could that be a tractor like vehicle I see parked there? You know I think it is, or at least it's a front loading bucket type thing.


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(iso 200, f/4, 1/30th sec at 08:00 hours gives you some idea just how dull it is :frown:, sunrise, there's a laugh, was at 05:29)
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Day 22... so many to go. Why couldn't we choose a shorter month? I suppose it's just my Monday personality talking :coffee:

After a halfway decent weather during the work day, it started to rain just as it started to near clock-out. Forced myself out anyway as it was stuffy inside. Luckily it didn't drizzle for long.

My walk wasn't very long today, the mood wasn't there, it was extremely humid and the reflective surfaces didn't lend themselves to particularly wonderful additions. Short walk and only a dozen shots so there was little room to select a better composition. Should have put my "texture study" pants on and focus on the droplets on various surfaces!


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