SiJy 2019 Day 26


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I bet you're all glad I didn't get one of these earlier and set this as a challenge within a challenge (city dwellers would have been given an exemption).

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High noon in the barley

The combine has come to the end of the cut, the driver (Paul) has lifted the header and is reversing to turn 90 degrees and then begin the cut down hill out of the photograph to the left. More in the outtakes.



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Dec 29, 2013
I went tractor-hunting in earnest today; I took the bike - a debatable decision in this kind of heat (35C - in the shade), but it allowed covering more ground ... Again, I saw a couple in motion, but was either too busy cycling or not fast enough to get a good shot (I tried). So I thought I'd look for them where they nest ...


Slightly cropped to get rid of some of the blown-out sky areas and correct framing ...


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