SiJy 2019 Day 26

Another 40º C day and we fled into a cinema (with airco) in the afternoon to see Yesterday.



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Need to step away from the computer for the rest of the day. Recent update completely changed the way files display in folders and the image viewer, and it makes zero sense except maybe to someone who likes things extra complicated.

Starting to warm up a bit.


The trail we planned to follow this evening turned out to be overgrown and impassible so we followed the road a while to try to catch the trail further on. There was another narrow path in but the cows at the side of the path got a little skittish when we tried to pass by so we turned back with them following us closely behind until we were back in the road. So tonight’s video is our “road trip” rather than a romp up the hills.

Day 26 was another medical day for me. lots and lots of waiting. glad I took the camera and the 20mm with the idea of finding something to shoot. Finally came up with this flare. Sorry, best I could muster.
Getting a shot is what's most important in this thing. Great job on staying with it and getting a shot on a less than ideal day.

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