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Hi folks, Day 27, I'm proud to share my work today, messy and lazy, taking a photo of the photos I took along with the tools used to create them, what a nice loop, didn't even bother cleaning the desk.

Anyway, it's got context, here it is, didn't even edit the raw.

IMG_6125_Canon EOS M50_1_80_1.4_640_32.0 mm_EF-M32mm f_1.4 STM.jpg
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Wanted to get a photo of the mountains of coal which now occupy a large area of Kooragang Island (where I used to fly my kites, 25 years ago)... but they are fenced off to such an extent, I just could not get near enough. So, contented myself with photographing the crap pumping into the air at the other end of the Island.
One of those times you'd like to use two reaction.


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Well, if there's one thing I've learnt about the lens I've chosen for this challenge it's that it's image quality in terms of resolution isn't as good as I would like and sadly today's image bears that out. It's true that I'm perhaps not using the camera in the best way to show off the lens, for a start I'm holding it one handed because my left arm is extended to request the bus to stop and pick me up. I'd also omitted to increase the iso setting which I most certainly should have done. Perhaps the blame for forgetting to do that is due to the two pints of strong cider I've consumed at The Queens Arms in Slapton half a mile up the road going off to the left behind the bus. It's also the reason I'm catching the bus to take me the 5 miles home. The bus is the number 3 service from Dartmouth to Plymouth, total scheduled journey time 2 hours and 23 minutes. At this point it's only 30 minutes into its journey and already 15 minutes late having met two big lorries, one of which it had to reverse for. There's more from this location in the outtakes thread.


Letting the bus take the strain


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