SiJy 2019 Day 28

View from our holiday let (Sinclair's Bay, Caithness, Scotland)

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Oh stop it!! You are making it look&sound like Holiday in Britain means finding a different gentle, steady, rain pattern to sit in for awhile. In Colorado, we would LOVE to have some of that rain!! We even have a title for rain that falls but evaporates before it reaches the earth - now THAT is dry!!
And then we occasionally interrupt the semi-arid stuff with miniature hurricanes that trigger flash flooding which will easily sweep your car off the street if you are parked in it's path; and 100-mph wind gusts to make the destruction really expensive. Ah, for a gentle rain in a quiet meadow!!
You guys are lucky. You get rain that feeds depressed writers and gives you reason to visit a pub and chat with friends all day, and lovely British puddles for children to splash in and dream up adventures. We get destructive weather that keeps us angry, in debt, and constantly in line at the home improvement store. Pity our sad fate!!!
If we were British, we could have a cup of tea and everything would look a bit better. Instead we have to have cold beer, and be reminded that as soon as its done, we'll begin sweating it out again. No wonder our mental health is so poor, the futility of the universe is constantly in our faces!! Woe are we!! Lucky are ye!!
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