SiJy 2019 Day 29


Aug 29, 2018
Shenyang, China
Hi folks, Day 29. Many of us now, me included, are living in such a weather that's not helpful for anything, I thought I'd not be able to shoot anything outdoor today but decided I could at least do "minimal shooting, maximum post processing".

So here it is, clearly overdone.

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Once again sunrise saw the overnight cloud evaporating to leave a clear blue sky. In truth that overnight cloud was probably rather flat and uninteresting. With rain showers to the west as shown on the rainfall radar cloud has again started to build in the couple of hours that have elapsed since taking this image. Tomorrow is looking particularly unsettled with heavy showers, rain and thunder forecast. Given the lack of interest in the sky a monochrome version of this scene naturally has a bland and uninteresting sky (see outtakes) so the colour version wins for posting here, which I find a little sad since the rest of the image is "monochrome friendly".

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Creek's End



Old Codgers Group
A set of old letters from a man to his wife right at the end of WWI. She kept them in her sewing machine drawer. We bought the sewing machine for $35 about 7 years ago but had no idea these letters were in there.
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Those letters strike a chord with me. I have a letter my Father to be wrote to my Mother to be in September 1945 after he'd been released from a POW camp at Nagasaki in Japan after witnessing the dropping of the atomic bomb. He'd spent 3.5 years in captivity. They'd been married in March 1941 having known one another for 8 weeks. They had a 3 day honeymoon and then father sailed on HMS Exeter. Mother wasn't to see him for 4.5 years. In the letter he says that if in the meantime she has made another life for herself he would understand. He needn't have worried.



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Apr 18, 2014
Boston Burbs
I know it's a bit early for me to post, hope I don't shock anyone. May be a little over processed. A little pond on my way home I've been meaning to stop and see if there was anything interesting. Not too interesting at this time of the year, maybe it will be more interesting in the fall.
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Dec 31, 2013
Louisville, Ky
A little history. I was literally one of the first three people to get on the pre order list at B&H when the 16mm 1.4 was first released. I stayed up till midnight to jump on the pre order so I could be in the first group to receive one. When my 16 was delivered I had a portrait shoot which I used it on. Then the very next day we went to Cave Hill Cemetery where I shot this monument. For a stretch I was not shooting the 16mm focal length, so my dad had that 16mm. I have gotten the original 16mm back from dad several months ago. Today we went back to Cave Hill to shoot this again.

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