SiJy 2019 Day 3


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Shenyang, China
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Hi folks

I'm doing this a little earlier than usual today, please take your time.

Here's mine. 3 days, 3 lenses, this one's shot with the 40D and 24mm 2.8 STM lens, I cloned out other people to bring emphasis to the remaining.
IMG_8010_Canon EOS 40D_1_800_2.8_100_24.0 mm_EF-S24mm f_2.8 STM.jpg


Newcastle, Australia
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Its proving to be a revolting day, and I have some fellows here doing a massive yard cleanup, so I raced out only for 10 minutes, just to grab a shot and of course, the heavens opened and I only had a short time between rainfall episodes, to grab a photo across the wetlands. Needed lots of massaging and I'm still not that happy with it, but I wont get a chance to get out again today.



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Another shot taken very early in the day, in part to get there before the wind got in the barley. (P.S. I was lucky yesterday, the tractor was moved about lunch time, so an evening shot wouldn't have been possible anyway). This crop might be harvested before the month is out, so a possible shot there with good timing. Note, no barley was harmed in the making of this photograph :).



This is yet another conversion to black and white by using the channel mixer in monochrome, setting red channel to 28, green channel to 41 and blue channel to 31 which supposedly represents Ilford FP4, setting the black and white points of the histogram to their respective limits without clipping at either end and then adjusting the tone curve to taste.


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