SiJy 2019 Day 7


Apr 18, 2011
Northern New England
Hi David, I like the concept very much, however personally I find the out of focus curly bit that sticks up on the left rather distracting. It looks as though its well above the rest of the plant and would have required an extreme depth of field to get it in focus as well, or some rearrangement of the plant. Again just my personal opinion, someone else might say it adds something, we can all beg to differ and no one might be right.

I agree.
. . . David
Be careful what you wish for, it did slip south with perhaps a little too much cloud, I do apologise to you guys further east than me where the cloud is also producing some rain.

For my part I went east along the A379 before dawn (I won't be able to do that for the next few days, it's due to close for roadworks). I had a lucky break on the beach at Beesands overlooking Start Bay with a break in the cloud at the right moment a little after sunrise. Could I have improved my chances at the taking stage? Yes, I should have tried using graduated neutral density filters to control the brightness of the highlights in the sky. The consequences of not doing so and hence underexposing to compensate were that I needed to use the digital equivalent of a graduated filter in post processing to bring back some drama into the clouds and then lots of dodging of the foreground which was underexposed. I also worked on an even more underexposed original and produced a more dramatic rendition of the scene but with more noise in the shadow detail, particularly the keel of the boat, although I don't feel it detracts from a monochrome image.

Is it true to the scene I witnessed? Probably not, it's a monochrome version after all and one use of monochrome is to emphasis mood and atmosphere above reality which is what I hope I've done here. The bus image on Day 6 is much closer to reality for a monochrome image with just a lifting of the shadows somewhat which I almost certainly would have done if I were reproducing that in colour. Is this image flawed, yes probably. However what looks like banding in the sea below the sunlit patch of sky is there on the raw file, what I can't remember is was it like that to the naked eye, if it was the brain ignored it I guess, if it wasn't then the sensor has created it.

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Sunrise - Beesands - Start Bay

Oh how lovely! That is just a gorgeous image!

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