SiJY 2019 Outtakes


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Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
I do like the blurred girl in the rain, even with the pole.
To me, the "photographer's rules" don't apply to an in the moment shot. You're not shooting a portrait where more things are in your control. This is the scene as the moment happened. In this case, where she is makes the best composition to me. Which looks to be in the "rule of thirds rule". As for the pole growing out of her head. To take a quote from Joe Edelman, "the only people who point out these things are other photographers."

Well, thanks for pointing that out. I must say that I like the shot myself, but in my mind I indeed could hear my fellow photographers comment on the pole :).
Interesting comments. For my eye I wouldn’t mind the smaller poles growing from head if there wasn’t the bigger traffic sign(?) touching the girl’s head OR the traffic sign would also have been ok, on seize the moment picture, if there wasn’t the bicycle handlebar in the picture in sharp focus. Funny


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Dec 29, 2013
A classic street shot, almost cliché, but what actually drew me to it was the fact that I could include the reflection in the background - which is probably the reason that the foreground is less sharp than it should be (I'm not talking about the slight motion blur - it's just not in focus) ... no, that's actually not true, I must have knocked focus (I had it set to the scooter's handlebar originally - at f/8). Still, as these things go, I quite like it.


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