SiJY 2019 Outtakes

My Outtake for Day 23:
Painters taking a class. Notice this fellow isn't even pointed towards the house he is painting. They can bend the light that much!! Amazing! And they have infinitely-variable bokeh-on-demand built right into their brushes. And they can manipulate DR on demand too! This is Chris Alvarez, who teaches painters how to perform such magic, and also owns one of the galleries in town. He also sometimes subs for painting instructors at the local college.
I want to be a painter! Should I go for the new 60mp sensor from Sony, or the 20mp 1" MSI from Canon? And which software do I need?
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I've usually left my day entries uncropped, so a 4:3 aspect ratio out of the camera. For Day 24 I felt that the dark area of the sky in the top right hand corner was distracting so have cropped the image to a 16:9 aspect ratio and also produced a monochrome version of the image.

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I took three other images composed rather differently but felt this one, the first I took, was the best. Although I'd seen this from my cottage and only had about 200 yards to walk the mist was rising and dispersing very quickly and the mood of the scene changed rapidly. Indeed after some 45 minutes the clear sky had fully clouded over with a grey uniform look, presumably due to the moisture rising up from last nights rain, but no lightening here as far as I know.

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Dec 29, 2013
When a fixed lens (and a fixation with SiJy) becomes a curse ... That's an image I've been wanting to take for ages, but unfortunately, I only had the 75mm on me (and another body with a 28mm lens - duh ...). So, this is heavily cropped in and still not quite what I'd like it to be. One of these days ...

That's a steelworks blasting off (pressure release) - that's the reason why it was impossible to get any closer; a couple of seconds earlier, it had actually blasted off (when they opened the furnace grille) and released some hot air, and flames shot out, almost reaching the gate; I was about 50 metres away in the blazing sunlight and could still feel it. So, in spite of the fascination, I stayed where I was.

What I'd really like to photograph (have witnessed it once, but without a camera at hand) is a clinker release - it looks like lava being poured into the huge clinker bell you can see just beneath the flames ...

My Day 24 Outtake is my "Thank you" to @Hanneke for inspiring a bit of extra brainwork.
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I actually did several days, but then I went back and did '24' with the lens I had chosen for this SiJy (the Lumix 20/1/7) so that I could really work to get the right distance to get 24 pickets in the frame. Fun! An image I worked to make! Yay!

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