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Apr 2, 2018
Outtake D29. It was a poor day. Not caffeinated enough, hence my photographic vision was not 20/20. Also the weather suddenly was very chilly after the couple of hot days. Not complaining, I just wore too little to my travels. The mild uncomfort also bit some of my enthusiasm and mojo.

But one pic a day is enough, and I think I got me ... one good pic.
This is a runner-up.



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Dec 29, 2013
Day 29 outtake.

We've seen this kind of issue before (I think @grebeman pointed it out in one of his b&w conversions, but I'm not sure): Sky not defined enough, balance doesn't quite work.

I still like most elements in the image - it's just not quite there with my rather simple edit; would probably need more local adjustments than I'm willing to make.



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Jul 15, 2017
East Midlands, UK
I've driven past this monument more times than I care to mention (it is on the A9, which is the main road running North from Inverness to Caithness). Today, we were out with my eldest brother (see Day 29 pic) and he took us to a wonderful cafe in this village (Berriedale) and we got a chance to walk around.

Earlier in the day my youngest daughter asked to try my camera and took this...


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My idea this morning (Day 30) was to photograph the bin men who come bright and early at 07:20 (we're the start of the round). However when I asked the driver as he got out if it was ok we had an amicable discussion why it wasn't with an offer to phone his supervisor to get permission etc etc, all too much hassle. So instead of the bin men kitted out for wet weather all I have to show is this "test" shot of the bins before the men arrived.

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