SiJY 2019 Outtakes

Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Love that first one, Sue. I might be tempted to crop out the foliage on the right, what do you think?
Thanks, Martin. I had already cropped a ton and kept that only because of the aspect. It was going to end up quite square if I cropped much more. But yes, I agree, could have done with the foliage to be gone. I'll try again.

[edit] Here's the original and cropped as per your suggestion. Resized of course but no other edits than cropping.

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Managed to get it this time, I guess.
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Aug 29, 2018
Shenyang, China
The post processing was well worth the effort, lovely image, I like it very much, in fact I'd describe it as beautiful. Why's it in here instead of being the Day entry?

Thank you Barrie, I consider the one that 1, looks good, and 2, takes efforts to get worth being selected, and this one IMO is quite close, but the one in the Day 13 thread takes more luck to get and just looks more interesting to me.


Old Codgers Group
Please excuse me while I use this thread to try and find what part of a processing stream is losing my exif data.

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processed in RawTherapee, resized in GIMP

Processed in DxO Photolab, resized in PS

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Processed in DxO Photolab, resized in GIMP

Processed in ACR, resized in PS

So Photoshop appears to be the guilty party. I'm sure that earlier in the month I used ACR and PS and didn't lose exif data, apart from it not saying "no lens". I haven't knowingly altered anything, errant software.

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:confused-95: These birds are geese, that much I (think to) know. Are they considered a pest in Finland or am I missing something else? Here in The Netherlands I never hear anyone complaining about geese.
They're Canada Geese, introduced into Europe from North America, and like most species introductions they are a pest. That's me speaking as a bird watcher for the last 60 years. It's a great shame they were ever introduced and an even greater one that they weren't exterminated when they started to spread outside of private wildfowl collections. They bully and dominate smaller species, they gather in large numbers and defecate into smaller lakes raising the pH levels helping to cause euthropication of the water body.



Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
Really difficult to like the pictures when the objects are these, these ehh, birds :speechless:
Those are Canadian Geese (at least in Finnish) and they don't belong to Finland, they have very few natural enemies, predators who hunts them. They have taken over every park and strand in the Southern cities and the amount of excrement is phenomenal. They ruin the green recreation areas in the cities. That's why at least I hate them :D

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