Silver Machine in Isolation

Ben Casper

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Ben Casper
I chanced upon these posts by accident and have to say that the talent here is exceptional. It brought to mind the episode from the P G Wodehouse episode where Bertie Wooster goes undercover and joins a ukulele band on board a millionaires yacht. It is hilarious and I’m not sure if the UOGB was featured or was it before their time.

As a guitar player I’ve always favoured as low an action as possible but believe this can impact on the quality of sound produced by acoustic instruments which rely on a higher action. My style of playing relies heavily on the strings hitting the frets further up the neck through a lower action. However as an electric player this suits me and allows for the introduction of harmonics.

I apologise if my explanation hasn’t come over too well.

A great set of posts which I have shared with my family.


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