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A friend sent me a link to a free offer for this German B&W conversion program. I saw it 2 hours before it expired last night. I downloaded and installed it, and played around with it a little. I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with it. There are You tube videos on line, but those and the website are all in German which I do not understand. I am having a hard time with the adjustments on the right side of the page. If anybody knows of an English version or has experience, I would appreciate it. It seems like an interesting program. Thanks.


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I also tried the freebie of this but ran into the translation problem and from memory it did not play well with Win 10. It was not intuitive so I uninstalled it. The Franzis company makes other software (eg HDR) but seems localised to Germany.


Dave, the program is Silver Projects Professional.
Bill, Thanks for your input. I think I will give it a week or so, but all indications are that I will end up uninstalling also.


Actually I'm rather using Silver Efex than this. I've used one or two presets, but I dislike for example the visually response of the sliders after the change.

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