Leica Simple Shim for LTM adapter to adjust infinity?


Brian or anyone :)

I have the CV 75/2.5.

On the M9 it goes past infinity with all four of my LTM adapters, just a tad, but enough to ruin the distant details.

My CV 90/3.5 is fine.

What would be the simplest way to shim it?
Does the RF go past infinity, the actual focus, or both?

Going past infinity means the lens needs to be moved out. If the actual focus and the RF are both out, I would use a thin later between the lens and the adapter.


Well, you move the lens to the stop. The patch is clean with distant objects. Focus is past infinity.

At first I thought the lens had some flaw LOL. But on the A7 it is sharp at infinity. So I backed off a tad on the M9. Patch split. It's sharp.
I do not know how to disassemble that lens, it is back-focusing which means the optics need to be moved out farther from the image place. If it cannot be adjusted with a simple shim, then using the spacer between the lens and adapter will work. Try that first, if the RF and Focus do not agree : then put the same amount of shim material on the RF cam.

A real "hack". Try to find instructions for moving the optics from the focus mount.
I had this idea parallel to the OP.

Tin foil I understand but I couldn't possibly manufacture a round shim without wrinkles that would fit nicely around a lens.

Anyone happen to make these kinds of shims? At least a quick search on the usual market places don't have results.
There are machine shops that will make shims for you, it is not cheap. A company specializing in repair would have this done, or make the shims themselves. Us DIY'rs- get better at cutting foil, or using braided wire.