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Jul 10, 2010
Canton Texas
Finally, the tank I paid 1500 bucks to get cleaned out is nearly full of water. :p

Daisy is due to domino in April.:)

Mexican eagles. Wow, they are skittish. I was a least 250 yards or so away when they freaked.:mad:

These turkey buzzards have a ugly little head, but they are graceful flying.:cool:

The last turkey. He probably has till Valentine's day. :eek:

Too many roosters. They fight sometimes. Most of the time they just puff up at each other, but sometimes they really go at it. This little fight lasted about ten minutes.

The whole mess of images is here if you want to see the roosters going at it. All shots with a Sony SLT-A77 and either the 18-250 pr 200-500 Tamron. I sold the A33

and G1.

Zenfolio | Ricky Niell | 01-06-12


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Ricky, you've been missed! I am so glad the drought is finally over - that's a wonderful view to see of your "tank" being full, and the reflections in that big sweep of sky looking back up towards the house is really nice to see. Congrats on Daisy!

And it's always good to see which birds are hanging around the domestic ones - those Mexican Eagles are striking birds of prey. Those roosters look scary to me. Chickens I like, but roosters always seem as though they can't be trusted.

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