Single In Single in April (SiA) 2024 - day 3

Had the Cranberries on when song and view did somthing together, The Iceicle Melts

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Dreck today. Sitting around waiting for meds delivery. Current state of living area in regards to my decluttering project. Will likely do only one image a week for the month on this project.
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Started (slowly) documenting my decluttering/ minimizing project a couple challenges ago (Feb 2023). Bathroom has been minimalist from my first day here, and remains so. Started making progress getting the piles of stuff jammed into the apartment, re-arranging my living area enough to be less cluttered and more useable, and clearing out enough to allow access to closets, bookcases and dressers.

Since then I've been continuing, slower than I'd like, but steady progress. The living area has stayed mostly cleared, other than short periods when shuffling boxes 'o stuff for handling. The cleared areas in the bedroom shift as things get moved for sorting.

All but two of the large plastic bins have been emptied and donated. Most of the stuff needing to go to family has been sent and associated storage materials recycled/ trashed. I've been able to go through enough boxes of papers I have at least 16 of the smaller plastic bins emptied and sitting in the closet overhead (will be kept for a possible future move).

The massive stacks of boxes and photo albums of negatives/ photos/ slides have been reduced to 4 plastic bins, one hard case, and one cardboard box, need to look at newer larger storage drives to continue.

Found a pair of small and relatively inexpensive stands for next to the recliner (replacing a stack of plastic bins) and for the TV stuff (replacing the taller and tip-prone predecessor). Got the larger TV out of its box and recycled the smaller one (was exhibiting intermittent failures), recycled/ trashed the larger TV box and packing. The old AV receiver, subwoofer and surround speakers are gone.

Multiple trips to donation points for books and clothing.

The most time-consuming things have been 1) sorting through paperwork, setting aside things that need to be digitized, shredding stuff that needs shredding and 2) scanning photos and slides.

Still have many things to try and sell, more stuff for donation. Many decisions to make regarding hobby stuff and path going forward.