Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 11

A place to sit and contemplate. It was slightly overcast when I left home, so I thought I'd get a good shot of the apple sculpture, but the sun came out, so lots of hard shadows, and very bright highlights unforuntately. And people all around the sculpture. So - a compromise.

P2110003 Place to sit and relax.jpg
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Time for another drive up north.....

Today I couldn't generate much enthusiasm to go out and take photos. I sat back on the sofa and watched Australia's abysmal performance against India in the cricket. Then I noticed some of my photographic gear and a Lions Den Hotel cap at the end of the sofa, where I had been playing with them the previous evening.......

I thought to myself, "That's it! Time for another trip up north!"

Unfortunately, that is going to have to wait until the end of "The Wet". That is late April to early May. But the seed has been sown. ;)

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The small Oregon town where I live, Talent, survived a devastating wildfire about two years ago which burned up nearly a quarter of the town, leaving many streets charred and literally burned to the ground. It has been rebuilt, slowly but surely, over time. This large sculpture of a Butterfly was made by a local artist to bolster the spirit of rebuilding - and goes along with the message ("Spirited"), on the small corrugated iron structure behind it.

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The single space in my small apartment that has been uncluttered/ minimalist from the day I arrived. This is as close as I will get to an American Surfaces style toilet shot.
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There is some useable storage space in the cabinet below the sink, around the plumbing, I keep mostly cleaning supplies there. And the small medicine cabinet, with shaving and dental care stuff. Most of my spare toiletry items have to be stored elsewhere. I'm using a stack of old towel sets until they need to be trashed (probably by June/ July), and I won't send towel sets to donation after they begin to look grungy from use or begin to fray. Still useable, just faded and showing some discoloration from years of use. I have a couple new sets available if I have visitors (unlikely until I get the place decluttered). I have no storage space for towels right now, so they sit stacked on top of a night stand. Yay.

I've kept this space minimalist for two reasons. 1) The space is small enough that if I add clutter it becomes a trip/ fall hazard. Can't have that. 2) As an example of what I'm striving for in the rest of the apartment. It won't be true minimalist, but it's a guide. Everything has a place, everything in its place, everything kept clean/ dusted, trashed emptied, no dishes building up in the sink, etc...