Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 12

Weather not so good, and I didn't want to take camera out with this lens, as I think the lens is not weather proof. We are in line for the effects of Cyclone Gabrielle - hopefully this area won't be too badly affected, but it is causing chaos and damage up north.

So a little still life with a bedside lamp and a cheap K Mart ring light. First time with this set up, and I have done very, very little of this sort of photography, so it is far from perfect, but I personally am pleased with it. Next time I think I'll diffuse the light with some paper ....... The subject was a gift to my mother a few years ago, which came back to me after she died.

P2120002 Still life fairy castle.jpg
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I'm not a collector at all, the EXA-1 came with the bellows I wanted, the camera (from a collector) is in perfect condition, but I've yet to develop the roll with the pictures I took to see if this device is also light-tight, it will have to be exchanged for something else to get rid of it again, I guess, but I'm not in such a hurry.
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At least until the first of the month when I use the countertop for paperwork sorting/ coordination again. This is pretty much the "normal" state of the kitchen. Weights stay until I have the bedroom decluttered. Countertop on the right will be used to store the heavy food stuff until I can figure out something to use as slides in the lower cabinets. No pot racks useable in my space available locally, will need to order. Might just hold off on that until I decide if I'll be staying here. I need to decide what I'm going to do with the crystal aperitif/ cordial stemware near the crockpot. I bought those as a gift for my Mom back in '79, I have no use for them. I'll likely see if someone else in the family wants them.
Whooo; it's been a day. Hot and windy, my son's friends were invited here for a barbecue lunch, but our kitchen sink plumbing exploded and we were all knee deep in wiping the floor.
Then the sun umbrella got broken by the strong wind, my son got sunburnt while attending the fire. At sunset I went for a walk on the beach with my daughter. When we came home,
Ziggy the elderly cat fell into the swimming pool (probably tried to drink water from it). I put him on the bed to dry him and he let go a flood of pee on my bed. Yes, it's been a day.

Anyway, here's one from the beach walk

Web 1500_ZFC_1755 Camps Bay evening beach walk.jpg
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