Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 13

The tide's coming in and the causeway between Wellington Point on the mainland and King Island is almost totally under water. When the tide is low, the walk from Wellington Point to King Island is a very pleasant afternoon stroll.

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Confined to indoors as Cyclone Gabrielle wends it's way down the island. As time goes by I become more anxious as the characteristics have changed, and I am wondering if our area is going to be hit harder than we thought ,,,, scary though.

In door photo, which I am very inexperienced at ... this was a sculpture my son did, about age 3 or 4 .... unfortunately his artistic streak didn't continue ......

P2130003 Kieran's sculpture.jpg
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Should have been finished scanning last night. But, there's a bunch of prints that have the ultra-glossy and ultra-slippery finish. The scanner's drive rollers can slip on the finish, and the scans come out with various amounts of elongation. I'm having to re-scan some prints and finish the rest on the flatbed. Much slower process. Need to get these done now that they are out of the photo albums. And that will finish all the photo stuff not in plastic tubs or cardboard boxes.
My photo for today is one of personal nostalgia...
This relatively ancient Eternamatic watch belonged to my father. Who for many years, beginning in the country of his birth, Bolivia, and throughout his adult life in America, was an avid photographer, and both inspired me and helped teach me some of the basics of both photography and darkroom work. In the early 1940's, he and my American-born mother, lived in La Paz for several years, during which time he was photographing mainly with a wonderful older Leica (that he later gave me!). The black & white printed photograph, beneath the watch, was one he took in La Paz (and which my older brother, also a photographer, recently reprinted).

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